The Power Of Perfume

women spraying perfume

You’re ready for a night out, sprayed on your favourite perfume or cologne and strut right into the club. Then a familiar whiff hits you. That scent. Your scent. And just like that, you became part of the crowd, instead of standing out. These are signs that you should update your perfumes or colognes collection.

While a lot of people choose to stick to a signature scent, I recommend you up the ante. How often have you heard a person say that they like you exactly the same, everyday, day in, day out? Probably never. You can show a little spontaneity just by changing the perfume or cologne you wear.

Similarly, if you only wear mainstream fragrances, it may be time for you to look for a niche scent. If someone can pick out the fragrance you are wearing, that means you smell familiar and familiarity is not sexy. You do not want to smell you your new beau’s ex. You want to smell different, unique, and exciting. Try looking for niche fragrances instead.

Adding to that, certain smells or scents tend to trigger memory, given that our sense of smell is one of our most powerful sense. So if the perfume or cologne you wear reminds you of your ex or bad events which may have occurred in your life which you want to forget, you should definitely replace it with something new. Holding on to bad memories of the past will definitely dent your new relationship.

euphoria perfumeAlso, if your perfume or cologne has expired, you ought to go get a new bottle. While we know that colognes and perfumes can last for ages if kept properly, they can and will expire at some point. If it smells different, or has changed color, then that means it has expired and you should go get yourself a new one.

And if you look at your countertop only to realise that all your bottles are gifts, it is a sign that you should head out to get yourself your own unique perfume or cologne that is all your choosing. Perfumes or colognes and the scent you choose to spray on yourself is a very personal thing. It’s something that should not only suit your mood and personality, but also the occasion. Only you know who you are and what you represent, so look for the right scent to match.

You should however be cautious when picking a scent to ensure you make the right impression. Just as you will not wear khakis and slippers to an interview, your beach or clubbing cologne should not be the same as your office cologne. The scent you actually choose to wear to work will leave an impression on your co-workers or clients, just as a seductive cologne you choose to wear to the club might be used to attract women.  Do not therefore appear as the obnoxious colleague at the workplace.

Last but not least, if you find yourself sticking to a scent from the 80s or 90s, it may be time to move on and actually smell present! Good luck!